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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Guidelines for effective writing of an essay

How to make an essay successful? Guideline for writing a perfect essay

Essay writing has been an important aspect of education and needs no mention about its substance. There is no need of magic formula to writing the essay; just the basic rules which have to be followed while writing them.

There are different types of essay and each essay type has its own writing method. But what remains the same are the rules applicable while writing each of them.

Below you will find the basic rules that must be adhered to while writing an essay. These are simple enough to follow and will definitely take up the essay to the vertex.

10 Effective guidelines to write a good essay

1.In response to the topic:
The golden rule of any essay is to radiate around the topic and give justification to it while writing. It should focus on the subject matter from the start of a thesis statement till its conclusion. Each section of an essay is important and hence equal weight should be given to each of them. Chance should not be given to the topic to get deviated.

2.Avoiding plagiarism:
Plagiarism is a serious offense, abiding by copyright laws is a must while writing an essay. With so much of information around us, we must be sure not to copy them or use them without the owner’s permission.

3.Proofreading the essay once it is complete:
It is crystal clear that nobody likes to read an essay which has too much of mistakes. No amount of good information, facts or great writing skills can cover up the poor grammatical write-up. Hence the completed essay must be proofread twice or thrice (and from different sources like from a friend or through a professional) to check any errors in the essay.

4.Adhering to the structure of the essay:
There are specified structures for each essay. Following them properly is a correct way of finishing an essay. Each section must be justified properly giving in all the accurate information. Improper structuring leads to a bad essay.

5.Matching the transition levels:
The essay as mentioned in the above points should be structured properly to be well read. The introduction part must contain a strong thesis statement which conjoins the body section of the essay.

The transition from a body section to the conclusion part must also be well connected. The conclusion section should be strong enough to support the whole essay and stand by the point to be made.

6.Research on the topic:
The information to be given must be researched beforehand. Giving wrong information and incorrect facts can only harm the quality of an essay.

7.A word on the use of words:
The essay must maintain the etiquette of using relevant words and using it in a proper space. The writer must know when and how to use the words. Sometimes all it needs is simplicity and sophistication rather than complexity and use of high-end vocabulary. 

8.Keep an eye on the grammar:
Sentence structure, proper punctuation marks, use of proper grammar and are the things that are to be kept in mind. Best results come only when these rules are followed.

9.Contractions should not be used unnecessarily:
In formal writing, there is no practice of using contractions such as don’t, can’t, won’t and few more. Contractions can be used in few of the essays such as narrative and descriptive types. But academic writing strictly prohibits the use of short forms.

10.Eye-catching title:
The essay is a piece of writing which gives information about a topic or a subject matter. Writing essay is like a theory but the important point not to be missed out is choosing an eye-catching title.
Title unarguably is the gateway to an essay. Therefore it must be noted that title should increase the reader’s interest towards the writing. 

These are few of the guidelines that must be followed to write a perfect essay

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