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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Importance of quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing for an essay

Importance of quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing for an essay 

A. Quoting

What is quoting?

Quoting is the representation of the exact words said or written by an author. They provide strong evidence to the already written text and determines the content’s strength.

Importance of quoting

1.It provides the claims and evidence for a write-up.
2.It gives a sense of power to the write-up thereby conveying appropriate meaning.
3.It provides the author’s ideas which can be used in your write-up.

When to quote?

1.When you wish to comment on the particular writing style of writer
2.When you want to take an example and explain it using a quote.
3.When it is important for the readers to know the opinions from different aspect.

How to quote?

Step 1: Select the context for which the quotation must be added.
Step 2: Choose an appropriate quotation to use
Step 3: Include the selected quotation to use it in the context
Step 4: The quotation which is added must be enclosed within “ “ (quotation marks) to avoid plagiarism

Tips for quoting

1.Quoting the original text: It is important to include the exact words which are included in the quote as it should not misinterpret with the meaning of the context.

2.Ellipses: If the quote seems long enough, it can be shortened by adding ellipses (...) so that it indicates that the quote has continuity without breaking the rules.

3.Citation: The quote which is used must be cited properly so that it does not go against the rules


What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a technique which is used to acquire information from some other source to use it in your own text. It is one of the ways to discourage plagiarism.
If a text is paraphrased, it need not be quoted but it definitely needs a mention as to from where it was used.

Importance of paraphrasing

1.It condenses the information that needs to be used while a context is being sourced from the original text.

2.Paraphrasing allows you to write information used from the original source in your own voice.

3.Paraphrasing enables to explore and interpret the author’s idea in your own words.

When to paraphrase?

Paraphrasing can be chosen as an option when:

1.When you need claim and evidence to support your content.

2.To use as an alternative for quotation.

How to paraphrase?

Step 1: Select the passage or the text you want to use in your write-up

Step 2: Read the paragraph carefully before paraphrasing it

Step 3: Select the points that you want to use in your text.

Step 4: Understand the context and carefully paraphrase it without changing its meaning.

Step 5: Write down the content in your own words and reconstruct the sentences so that it does not forbid the laws.

Step 6: Go back to the original source and recheck if the content that is used goes with what you have written.

Step 7: Provide clear citations to complete the process of paraphrasing.

Tips for paraphrasing

1.Retain the meaning: The first step to paraphrasing a text is to retain the meaning of what is written. The main aim of paraphrasing a text from the original source is to get the meaning and rephrasing it in your own sentences.

2.Do not paraphrase the whole text: A few paragraph(s) must be utilized while the original source is being paraphrased. It is considered a bad practise and an act of restating the whole content if the whole text is used for paraphrasing.

3.Cite the sources: It is very important to source or cite the references that you have used while the text is used for paraphrasing. 

4.Go through the text: To paraphrase any text, it must be read thoroughly. Without evaluating the information, the text’s essence and its meaning cannot be brought out.

5.Reconstruct the sentences: To paraphrase the text, the sentences that are used must be reconstructed so that it abides by the rules of avoiding plagiarism.


What is summarizing?

Summarizing is way of condensing the information of another author’s in your own words. It is shorter version of the original text which will reveal some of the details on the surface.

It is a way through which the main idea is taken into consideration and focused upon it so that it can be summarized effectively. 

Importance of summarizing

1.It is useful skill to note down important points while reading or listening to lectures

2.Summarizing allows to write up text in fewer sentences from the original text which consists of lengthy description about the same.

When to summarizing?

1.To include the text when you want support or another author’s ideas to write

2.The passage that you have selected can be further classified

3.Helps in demonstrating your work backed with strong content

How to summarizing?

Step 1: Read the content which is to be summarized carefully

Step 2: Pick out the important point from the summary so that it can be further analysed and given the summary.

Step 3: Interpreting the original text, start writing the summary focusing on the main idea that is chosen.

Step 4: Cite necessary sources so that it discourages plagiarism.

Tips for summarizing  

1.Highlight the main idea: The main idea of the text that is being summarized.

2.Include words to write: After selecting the context to summarize, it must be written in your own sentences.

3.Interpret the original text: The original text must be interpreted correctly so that the summarization falls into place. Without interpretation, it becomes a dry write-up which will only produce lame quality content.  

4.Do not add your own opinion: It is important to understand that summarization is a piece of writing which should hold the content that is intended to
5.Use your own words: It is suggested to use your own words with whatever information has been collected. It is the best technique to ensure that plagiarism is avoided.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How to write an essay that will score high marks?

How to write an essay which will help me score high?

There must be a study pattern which must be followed to study a subject. Like how every subject and a topic has its own way of studying, even essay writing requires a strategy rather than plain “studying” to score well.
To build an essay, it is not difficult unless you sum up the preparedness for writing it. How to score high marks by writing the best essay? How to prepare well for an essay? Here are few of the strategies that must be followed to write.

Elements to be added in an essay

1.Hook statement: To hook the reader’s attention, you must certainly add the hook statements. What are hook statements? They are in simple terms the sentences added in the introductory paragraphs to catch reader’s eyes and make them read what you have written.

2.Thesis statement: Similar to hook statement, a thesis statement is a statement which builds a link to other sections. This acts as an anchor to the ship. Thesis statements must be added in the introductory statement which further will link to other sections thus binding them together.

3.Sections of an essay: An essay in general will have three sections. They are introduction section, body section, and conclusion section. These sections must be present so that an essay can get completed in its own term.

5.Arguments: Arguments are the elements that are important while an essay is being created. These are the continuation of the thesis statement. Arguments are the pieces of evidence which are backed by supportive statements and subordinating statements which are to be included in the body section.
The purpose of adding arguments are to provide strong facts and statistics and presenting them in a holistic manner.

10 easy ways to score high while writing an essay

1.Understand the topic: The first and foremost thing to be considered is to understand what question has been given. Misinterpreting the topic and writing about it will only mislead the essay or deviate it.
A professional tip to consider is to read the question thoroughly, take few minutes to recollect on the topic that is given to start writing about it.

2.Have strong keywords: Keywords are those strong points in an essay that must be included to make it a glorious one. These can be underlined or highlighted (some do not prefer to do this). This way the main keywords will help in building a great essay.

3.Be clear- To make an essay longer, a bad strategy is used;beating around the bush. If any information is to be shared, it must be clear and specific. People like reading the essays which are to the point.

4.Add quotes: To enrich the quality of an essay, it is suggested to add quotes from famous text. This will give an impression that you have read about the topic.

5.Collect all the related material for writing an essay: It is instructed to collect all the required materials for writing an essay such as good information from reputed sources, supportive evidences for proving about a given topic etc.

6.Structure the essay: An essay must be first structured in a proper format before it is written. A structure will give a definite value to the essay and a sense of organization that is much needed for it.

7.Do not over emphasize on vocabulary: Vocabulary is an important aspect of writing. It is always suggested to expand your knowledge on vocabulary. Care must be taken not to over emphasize on it as the goal is to inform the reader with the information that you have; use of difficult terms and words only lead to complexity.

8.Present your essay in the best way: Focus on the best; best will happen. Never let the confidence in you go down due to examination stress. To do this, the essay must be presented in the best possible way.

9.Focus on each element: Each element i.e. introduction section, body section, and conclusion section must be focused upon. Hence there must be special time allotted to each section thereby increasing its quality.

10.Consider using examples and anecdotes:  Some of the topics requires an insight or a live example. Adding these anecdotes or real life examples can help in giving an essay a broader outlook.

Pre preparation tips for writing an essay in the exam

1.Read extensively to write well.

2.Prepare a plan on how to write.

3.Keep with the time. Each section must be given equal importance.

4.Keep an eye on the length. There are word limit for an essay, it must not cross the word count.

5.Never be stressed by burdening on how to write and what to write. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to pass the English exam

How to pass English exam effectively?

How to pass English exam is the most common question that we have heard and asked . It is not an easy task to learn and write an English exam. It becomes tough when a non-native speaker has to write English exam. Effective guide is required in order to master the language.
As they say, practise makes man perfect; it is not that difficult to pass an English exam if the following tips are followed properly. Constant practise and determination to learn English is always the way to go. Follow this article to know how to pass an English exam very easily.

10 Must read tips to pass the English with high scores

1.Read: The basic step to pass English exam is to read.Questions in English exam can be asked based on various degrees. It can be comprehension, grammar, poems, and vocabulary.
Keeping in mind all these various forms, a study pattern must be prepared. The best tip to prepare a study pattern is to point out the weakest part or the difficult aspect out of the examination pattern. Rank them in descending order. Study according to the order; starting from the weakest to the strongest part of your language.

2.Practise writing what you have read: The next step in preparing for the English exam is to put your reading skills onto test.  Making notes, jotting down important points while reading or practising is the key point.
When points are written, it helps in memorizing whatever has been learned thus makes it more enjoyable while learning it.

3.Refer to notes available online: There are several resources available which will help in improving the language. One of them is to find notes online; these notes will help in revising what already has been learned.

4.Group study for practise: Knowledge increases when it is shared. Circle up your friends and discuss with each the things that you have learned. Having a group discussion on the test questions and the syllabus will help in eradicating the doubts and also allows to have an insight on the topic in a different dimension.

5.Put questions and answer them: Self practise is also one of the best way to study for an exam. Asking yourself the questions and answering them promptly will help in clearing doubts and learning in a better way.

6.List down the important things: Once the syllabus is read, the next step is to revise. Revising is very different from studying.
To revise or have a glance on the topic studies, the important points must be noted down. These noted points must be given more priority while revising.

7.Learn new meanings and its synonyms:  To improve scores in English exam, the important aspect is to be familiar with new words and their synonyms. Knowing more words and their meaning will help in improving vocabulary at the same can be used while writing an exam too.
Leaning new words is an ongoing process which not be stopped once an exam is over. To improve language, they have to be learned continuously.

8.Concentrate on the grammar part: Improving grammar skills is as important as learning syllabus. It is substantial to learn the basics of grammar so that it improves the scores automatically.

9.Find the etymology of a word:  To learn new words, its root must be found out. Etymology means origin. Words can be learned when its origin is known properly.

10.Abide by the rules to be followed:  While writing an exam, it is very important to check out all the rules before it is written. In haste, many students often confuse the question and write different answer to it. To avoid this, extra time must be given to read the questions carefully.

These are few of the tips that can be helpful to pass an English with flying colours.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

How to begin an essay

How to write the best opening lines for an essay?

An essay becomes interesting to read if the start is a killer one. There is not a fixed way of writing opening lines for an essay.

Introduction section is written in order to give an essay its beginning. The readers must catch hold of what the topic is about. Hence it is very important to begin an essay in an extraordinary manner.
How to write the best opening line for an essay? How to attract readers towards your essay by writing impressive lines? Here is an article dedicated to write the best introduction section.

What are the things to include in the introduction part?

1.Hook statement:  An introduction should always consists of hook statements. Hook statements will allow engaging the readers in grasping what the content is about. They need not be long enough, just a sentence or two which but having huge impact must be included.

2.Outlining introduction section: The professional way of writing an essay is to create an outline at first. Later on, based on the outline created, the essay must be written.
An introduction section must be first planned before it is written. Once an outline is created, the information to be presented must be written in the introduction section.

3.Thesis statement: Thesis statement in an essential part of an essay. Writing it will add depth to the essay.
It is recommended to include thesis statement in the introductory part so that it gives the basic idea of what the essay is about. This continues as arguments in the further sections of an essay.

4.Fit to the theme:  An introduction section must be written according to the theme set. If the essay is of formal type, the tone of an essay must be neutral with utilization of formal language. If it is of an informal type, descriptive content must be added.

5.Define the purpose:  The main purpose of writing an essay must be depicted very appropriately in the introduction section. If the purpose is approached appropriately, it becomes easy to catch reader’s attention.

What is the purpose of beginning an essay?

1.To engage the reader:
2.To give a brief about the topic
3.Introduction is a formal section
4.It gives a roadmap for the essay

8 Splendid ways to begin an essay

1.State the purpose in a purposeful way: The first step to write an introduction section is to state the purpose in a purposeful way. Once the purpose is known, it becomes easy to write the essay properly.

2.Plan to write: Once the purpose of writing an essay is fulfilled and known, the next step is to plan to write the purpose in an appropriate manner.
It is very important to remember that an introduction section cannot be lengthy and must fulfil the purpose within the specified limit.

3.Do an appropriate research: An appropriate research must be made in order to write the introduction section. Questions like what is the meaning of writing the essay, what is the purpose, how is happens must be answered.

4.Focus on the main idea: The crucial step of writing an introduction section is to focus on the topic of the essay. This lets to combine the idea and formulate it accordingly.

5.Surprise the reader: After knowing the essential points that are to be included in the introduction section, the readers must be given a surprise. This can be made by expressing the information in a formal or informal based on the type of essay written.

6.Include a thought provoking statement: To make an introduction section interesting, it must include a thought provoking statement. This will induce reader’s interest towards the essay thereby settling to the purpose of writing an essay.

7.Do not delve deep into the topic:  It is very important to remember that introduction section must be written with the purpose of just introducing the topic. Care must be taken not to delve deep into the topic.
The topic must act like a roadmap for the essay which will have all the necessary information that is to be read.

8.Address to the targeted audience: The next step is to know the targeted audience and their taste. Addressing to the targeted audience is more important which must be handled carefully. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

How to write an essay about yourself

What to include in an essay about yourself?

Writing about yourself; it is an opportunity that must not be missed. Though it seems simple to write an essay about yourself, it is not so. There are several of writing a personal essay. Here in this article, we discuss simple and tested techniques to write an essay about yourself.

Where is it used?
A personal essay is typically used in the following circumstances:
1.While writing an essay writing competition about yourself
2.While writing a statement of purpose
3.Whilejournaling your thoughts

Benefits of writing an essay about yourself
There are several benefits of writing an essay about yourself. They are:
1.You get to know about yourself
2.It helps in getting into your dream college
3.Increases thinking capacity

10 tips to consider while writing about yourself:

1.Know about yourself:  The main component of writing an essay about yourself is to know about yourself. Involve yourself in self discussion or write down unique points about yourself. These things will help in writing a better essay.
Journaling such points frequently will help in improving yourself.

2.Assemble necessary information about yourself:  As said above, necessary information about yourself must be collected. Some of the examples could be listing your talent, interest, strength, weakness etc.  

3.Add details to the essay topic: Based on the topic, details to it must be added. Any personal experience, an incident, a life changing situation are the examples of topics to be written about yourself.
Writing about these details about yourself will help in knowing you in a better way.

4.Be humble and to the point while writing about yourself: This is an important tip that must be considered. There must be a strike of balance between enumerating achievements and not bragging about them.
Being to the point and honest is the safest way of writing a personal essay.

5.Stay focused on the topic which is being written: Quite often, a common mistake that occurs is deviating from the topic; regardless of the type of essay.
This should not happen, as focusing on the topic will help in attracting more readers to read your essay.

6.Include sections for your essay: An essay must be divided into three sections; namely, an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.
An essay is divided into parts because it helps in writing an essay in an effective manner. Each section must be the utmost importance.

7.Give importance to the title: A title can soar an essay higher. Attractive titles tend to grab more reader’s eyes. Here is a link which will help in building a title for your personal essay.

8.Add hook statements to attract readers:  To make an essay more interesting, expert writers believe in adding hook statements into their essay.
Hook statements are nothing but sentences which has the capacity to attract the readers and hook them to continue reading.

9.Focus on the theme: A theme which is set to write an essay must be focused upon. A theme or a background is very necessary to write a personal essay.
Care must be taken not to deviate from the theme that is chosen.

10.Revise and proofread the essay:  After the completion of the essay, it must be revised and proofread properly. This is done for the purpose of rectifying the mistakes that have occurred while drafting an essay. 

These are few of the tips that can be used while writing an essay about yourself

Monday, 3 April 2017

Can I buy essays online?

Can I trust essay writing services?

Assignments and essays given as a test for credit in universities and colleges should not be taken for granted. Sometimes they can be hectic to complete them by the given deadline. Supposedly, due to the piles of assignment to be completed, students seek for quick help. There comes an essay writing service into the picture which helps them with their last moment panic.
There are different kinds of services available to buy from the essay writing service:  lab report, thesis, essay, assignment, college application essay, literature review, research proposal etc. Based on the requirement, the service is provided.

It is not easy to write well for all the students or sometimes due to the lack of knowledge. Be it any reason. To give a bigger insight on why students can buy essay online, here are some of the valid reasons listed.

What are the qualities to check while buying an essay online?  

1.Quality writers:
The assignments that are ordered from the website are written by the quality writers who match up with the requirements as recommended by the respective universities.

2.High-quality content:
The content which is being written is of high quality and unique in nature. This only gives the best result to the students who are ordering. Each word which is written is well researched and informative.

3.High-end customer service:
The customer service is just a step away awaiting to serve the students. When stuck in between after ordering, or any dou
bts in the middle, students can phone them or chat with the executives with real time reply.

4.Direct contact with writers:
The students and writers will be in constant touch, to be sure if the assignment is on the right path. If any revision is required, the writers are available for the changes to be made.

5.Against plagiarism:
The key point to any assignment is the bad practise of plagiarizing the content. Best essay writing services will always take care of giving the best and unique content to each student every time.

6.Adapting to different reference style:
The best reason to choose online essay writing service is that they adapt to different writing styles and the style that different universities follow. Formatting styles like Harvard, APA are used.

7.Money back guarantee:
If the online essay writing services fail to satisfy the customers, they owe to pay back the money that was paid by the students while ordering.

8.Revision policy:               
To enhance the quality of the writing, students can choose to revise them. The writers keep them updated with the changes until a perfect write up is not written.

9.On time delivery:
The important thing to be noted is most of the students rely on essay writing services because of stringent timings and less time to complete the assignment. They deliver the order within the stipulated time.

10.Affordable cost:
Every service comes with a price. Essay writing services are priced at less cost to help the students with their assignments.

11.Confidentiality policy:
Online essay writing services adhere to the policy of not revealing the clients identity. The students will be in a fix if their personal information is leaked; leading to severe action upon them. Thus it is a responsibility that is well managed by the essay writing services to conceal the details.

12.No hidden charges:
The price decided while ordering an essay is fixed is not subject to any changes. Only such reliable essay writing services must be trusted upon.

13.Flexible payment options:
Some of the essay writing service lets the students pay for the assignments in instalments. This way the students who have are financially lesser privileged may pay them in batches. 

These are few of the features of online essay writing services which might be useful for the next assignment that can be bought.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tips to write best essays

How to write the best essay?

Ever wondered how few of the people write the best essay and gain the best marks in the term end? How do they write so well? Writing requires both art and few techniques to write well.

To write well, here are few of the best tips assembled to help you in writing the best essay. Though these are the sure shots tips that gain you ultimate quality essay but what remains important is to practice, practice and practice. 

10 Amazing tips to write the best essay:

1.Choosing the right topic to write: To begin with, a topic which is chosen to write must be given the top priority. Based on the chosen topic, an essay’s quality can be quantified. To write the best essay, there are several resources available which can be used to find the appropriate one.

2.Plan well in advance on what to write:  To write well, there must be a plan which can help in building a good essay. This simply means to create an outline for your essay. Here is a link which will help in knowing the basics of outlining an essay.

3.Write for the audience keeping them in mind: The primary intention of writing an essay is to inform the targeted audience. One of the best tips that can be given is to write according to what audience need. Knowing the vibes and going accordingly is the best writer’s sign.

4.Concentrate on grammar and punctuation style: There are several instances where an essay has great quality in terms of content but fails due to grammatical errors. Such errors must be avoided in order to bring to bring clarity to the content being written.
There are various resources which help in improving grammar skills and punctuation styles.

5.Transitions in the essay will help increase readability: This is an easy tip that should
be followed to get the best results. Transitions between each paragraph and sections will help in binding an essay together.
These transitional sentences must be short with respect to sentences but should get conveyed properly.

6.Be clear in what is being written: An essay gets its true meaning only when the writer’s opinions are expressed in a consistent manner.
Point to be noted while writing an essay is to adhere to the opinion that has been voiced. Being clear in writing is very much necessary.

7.Concentrate on the thesis statement:  Writing thesis statement is very much important as it combines an essay as a whole. It must be written in the introductory part connecting it to other sections.   

8.Specified length: To write an essay not only quality but length must also be given the same priority. Based on the requirement and the type of essay, the word count should be adhered to.

9.Proofread the content thoroughly: Once an essay is edited and ready for submission, the most important stage of essay writing that is proof reading must be done.
Proofreading is necessary as it helps in eliminating any errors that were unnoticed while writing them. This is the last check which can enhance the quality.

10.Give importance to all the elements of an essay: Each section in an essay is important. The same way, there are certain elements which are necessary while writing an essay as well; these too must be taken care of.

What are the elements of an essay?

1.Title:  The best essay is the one which attracts the readers from its point of start. The start of an essay is always its title. A catchy title will help in attracting readers. Such titles must be used which will induce interest to read further.

2.Introduction section: An essay must be divided into three sections. The first one being an introduction section; in this section, a topic’s brief introduction must be given. It must not contain explanation of the topic but subtle hint about what it is.

3.Hooking the readers: The most interesting part of an essay is to hook readers to the essay. To hook the readers, the primary thing to be done is to add sentences or hook statements which will help in continuing the same interest throughout the essay.

4.Thesis statement:  Thesis statement[s] give a background to an essay. These must be included in the essay to enhance its quality.

5.Transitions in an essay: As mentioned before, each section is important in an essay. Each section should go hand in hand. Hence to connect them together, there must be the use of transitional statements.
These transitional statements will help in the smooth flow of an essay.

6.Body section: The second section of an essay is the body section. Main content to be delivered must be written in this section.
Body section must consist of three or more paragraphs, with each paragraph having its supportive arguments. Primary information to be given must be well presented.

7.Arguments:  Another important element of an essay are arguments. Arguments are the sentences which must be provided in the body section.
They are nothing but evidence which proves the credibility of the content written. These supportive sentences must have subordinate points to add worth to it.

8.Conclusion: Third part of an essay is the conclusion section. It is the crucial element which must end an essay appropriately.
When an essay starts, it must have an end too. Writing a conclusion section is very critical as it must synthesize the whole points mentioned in the essay as well as conclude it without being repetitive.  

9.References and citations: Academic essays when written must be properly cited else it leads to plagiarism.
Referring to reputable resources becomes very important thus making an essay of better quality.

10.Strong use of words: Vocabulary must be given full attention as strong words weigh greater importance. Simple yet strong use of vocabulary is encouraged.