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Monday, 20 March 2017

Difference between dissertation and a thesis

Dissertation and thesis, what are these?

Often used in an indistinguishable manner, dissertation and thesis are part of academics. They are considered to be the highest forms of formal writing, hence are given the due importance.

But having said this, what does their term mean? Are both the same? How are both of them defined?

Both are developed in order to:

1.Develop a research proposal to answer a specific question.

2.Reporting backgrounds, conclusions, methods on the research that is done.

3.Appropriate analysis methods are utilized to confer to deductions. 

Finding the fine line between dissertation and a thesis:

It is a term paper which is a lengthy essay proposed for academic purpose. It is a whole new opportunity to develop a new concept, work towards it and defend its strengths.

It is a statement or a theory that is put together to prove an argument which earns a higher degree. Compilation of the study done during the whole degree is put up through the thesis.

Difference between a thesis and a dissertation:

Now here we present the difference between a thesis and a dissertation based on certain factors. They are as follows:

1.Length wise:
Thesis: The length of a thesis should be around 100 pages which will cover the majority of information.

Dissertation: The length of a dissertation will be twice or thrice of a thesis; approximately 400 to 500 pages. As more research is performed on the subject, the length of the project increases.

2.Based on research:
Thesis: Thesis tests a student’s understanding towards the subject. Previous work done by others is taken as reference and used as analysis for further analysis. It is an ability to show one’s knowledge towards the subject researched and wrote.

Dissertation: This focuses on an original research done for the purpose of invention or discovery of something. It requires approving or disapproving hypothesis.

3.Purpose of writing:
Thesis: The purpose of writing a thesis is to earn scholarships as well as for academic purpose.

Dissertation: The sole purpose of writing a dissertation is to earn a Ph.D.

4.Type of degree:
Thesis: Usually thesis is written as a project to earn a master’s degree.

Dissertation: Dissertation is written to earn PhD during doctoral study

5.Data for the write-up:
Thesis: The data for writing a thesis is usually collected through questionnaire, interviews, surveys from hospitals and government authorities.

Dissertation:  Here, the data for writing a dissertation normally does not rely on external sources but new implications are to be adopted as the main aim of writing it is to innovate or discover something new.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How to write a descriptive essay

How to write a good descriptive essay?

Descriptive essays reveal more of description. Being descriptive is to describe a situation descriptively and attain reader’s attention. A plot chosen must revolve with all five senses to convey a story in a better manner.

It takes good words and a storytelling skill to depict the message intended to tell in a descriptive essay. We have been describing one type of essay since the beginning of this article, but what exactly is a descriptive essay?

Descriptive essay is a type of essay which concentrates on writing a fascinating experience about a place, object, person, memory or experience. 
It must cater to all emotions that a reader wants to experience while they are reading any story.

Distinct yet very similar to a narrative essay, descriptive also is a type of essay which must use more of informal words than following a strict procedure.

The purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to give in more detailing to the topic being written and more of observations and emotions added to it.

Though there is no such outline or criteria to write a descriptive essay in a certain way, there are a few handouts that are gathered here to help writing a good essay which can be catered onto a reader’s platter.

Pattern to be noted while writing a descriptive essay:

The best way to write a descriptive essay is to organize the story to be told in a convincing manner binding a reader’s interest till the end.

First part: To build the emotion
To begin with, a descriptive essay must always start with a hook sentence. This very sentence will decide the credibility for rest of an essay. To gather interest, the write-up must contain all juicy bits tied together to form a good content.

People tend to reciprocate more on emotions that are let out through words. Hence the choice of words remains consent.

Second part: Set a backdrop
Once a hook statement is created, it must be ensued in a perfect backdrop which will flow throughout the essay. To make sure that readers do not lose interest, there must be interesting events added in between.

Third part: Entering the main part
Readers now will experience all the events that will deduce to the main content that is to be told. Here in the body section, sufficient content will suffice to the tail that is built already. Adding all sensory details will entail to more of an impressive write-up. 

Fourth part: Show don’t tell theory:
Descriptive essays should have more to say than to tell. Emotions in the story being created should be showcased in a better manner. 

Showing emotions has more impact over the readers than just telling something.

Last part: Is to convince readers with effective conclusion
The crucial part of writing any essay would be to end it effectively. The very purpose of writing an essay must be evident in this part. Conclusion gives the readers to decide on forming an opinion about the content which is written.
Click here to know how to end an essay with a convincing conclusion.

At last, to finish the essay, it must include all the essential factors which will enhance the quality of it. Before publishing it elsewhere, it must be reviewed finely to make sure there are no unnecessary elements added or any important message is left out.  This way, a clean and a well written descriptive essay comes out. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to end an essay with convincing conclusion

How to write a convincing conclusion?

Things normally fall into place when it ends well. A conclusion has the power to change things and make it dynamic. It is the last chance that can persuade a reader to agree to the point of view being written.

An essay cannot be finished without a convincing essay. How effective is an essay with or without a conclusion? Here we discuss the importance of a conclusion and how significant it becomes to end an essay with glory. Its implications must last forever even the essay is finished.

What should a conclusion consist of?

An essay consists of information which contributes worthy points taking it off to another level. Conclusion part adds equal weight to it. Here are few of the important points stated which suggests what a conclusion must consist of:

1.An introductory statement restated but not replicated.
2.An emotion which turns the whole essay to a positive one.
3.Convincing words which should leave an impression on readers.
4.It should demonstrate the idea that is to to be expressed.
5.Holding onto the argument that was earlier stated by synthesizing it. 

How to end an essay with a convincing conclusion?

To be specific, a conclusion must be a convincing one. It is often found that it is time-consuming to write a conclusion than writing the other sections. To write an effective conclusion, here are a few noteworthy points which will add up grace to already written content.

1.Briefing the whole essay: The effective way is to brief up the whole essay in a few sentences. The sentences must not be longer than 8-10 sentences. The most important point to be kept in mind is not to repeat the content but synthesize the idea that is brought out.

2.It should call out to readers with an impact:
It is a last chance that a writer gets to showcase the best of an essay being written. Such should be the conclusion which will act a call out action to readers who are reading it.

The impact must be such that it will enhance the quality of an essay which will gather more readership to it.

3.It must end the way it started:
To start an essay, an introductory part is initiated with. This section creates an interest in the mind of readers to continue reading.

The same way, an essay must conclude with a neatly written conclusion. This conclusion should hold on the readers to finish reading. Necessary elements such as a transition from body section to the conclusion part, hooking the readers with synthesized information are the tricks to end an essay.

4.It must be formal ending with a strong opinion already formed:
An opinion is created all along once an essay starts, this must continue till it ends. Strong arguments must support giving a convincing end to it. 

5.It must hold the whole essay written:
Subject to a good essay written, a conclusion must hold the content together by ending it with strong content. Though the length of conclusion part should be less when compared to other section, it must bind the topic together.

6.It must generalize with an outlook that writer wants to express:
A conclusion gives a writer a chance to express an outlook towards the topic being written. The freedom to give an opinion must be fully utilized in this section.

An opinion already propagated must be carry forwarded to the conclusion which will, therefore, generalize the topic which is written.

7.There must be a smooth flow from start till the end:
The transition from introduction till the conclusion must be intact. The aim of an essay must be to inform readers with proper information hence a smooth flow must be present till the conclusion.
This helps in writing a better conclusion as it creates a backdrop for presenting it well.

8.Final paragraph must end but not the impression that is created:
As stated earlier, an essay might end but it must not fail to deliver a lasting impression on the readers. It is a crucial to have a strong conclusion which only gathers interest towards reading it. 

What should not be included in a conclusion?

1.New arguments or new evidence:
Details with regards to a new argument or a new evidence must not be included. Conclusion should only be limited to convincing readers with the already present information.

2.Quotations or strategies must be avoided:
Inclusion of quotations and strategies will only drag the length of an essay. Moreover, the structure of an essay allows these points to be included while referencing.

3.Do not dodge any alternate opinion to peopletion:
An opinion once formed should not be regenerated or changed. The readers must not be dodged with alternate opinions which only leave them in the state of confusion.

4.A thesis must not be re-stated:
Conclusion is all about synthesizing the statements which are already covered. Therefore, thesis statement covered in the introductory part must not be repeated while concluding an essay.

5.Should never have clich├ęd sentences:
Common phrases such as “Therefore”, “In conclusion”, “To sum up”  must not be used. It must be presented in an illustrative manner. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Where can I buy an essay of a premium quality?

Where can I buy essays?

Essays being most important part of college education, it becomes tough if they are not written in a prescribed format.

Universities and colleges judge a student’s ability and mark their credibility by their essays which are written as assignments. If assignments are not written properly, they might lead to a bad result. Hence most of the students seek the help of essay writing services.

Can all websites be trusted?
Not all websites online are trustworthy. Students who want to purchase their assignments online are apprehensive sometimes due to fraudulent cases. How to find a trustworthy website? Which are the best essay writing services available online?

Top 6 websites for ordering the essays of premium quality
Here are 6 websites which excel in providing essay writing service to the students.

Aussieessays are the first for the Australian students. They write premium quality essays for their clients and don not compromise on the quality. They have native Australian writers who adhere to the specific rules as mentioned by the Australian universities.
Because of their timely submission of assignments, they have built trust among the students.

2. Lifesaveressay:
True to their name, Lifesaveressays are leading essay writing service which provides quality essays to students. Revision policy is one of the features which allow the students to revise the content unlimited times.

Quality writers write non-plagiarized content which means original write up can be submitted to the universities.

Helpwritinganessay has been in industry for years. They have a team of expert writers and quality proofreaders who write the best content for students.

Because of affordable prices and discounts given on the services, they are chosen by many of students for completing their assignments.

4. Canadaessaywriting:
Because they believe in value for money value for service, they are the top choice for writing assignments. Canadaessaywriting writes a plagiarism free essay for every student which is why the essays bought from them are regarded being great.

One of the trusted essay writing services, Sortmyassingment helps to sort out assignment writing problems.They follow confidentiality policy, which allows the students to conceal their personal details such as name, to which university they belong to and critical details such as debit card and credit card numbers.

Their wide range of service includes essay writing, thesis writing, lab report, and dissertation among others.

Assignmenthelpuk is a popular essay writing service in the UK. They hire native UK writers who hold a degree from UK universities. This is a necessary feature because the writers understand the rules and regulations of the native universities; hence will write better content.
They have real time phone services and excellent chat support team who help in solving queries of students who have ordered an essay.

List of services provided by the essay writing services which should help in ordering an essay:

1.Quality native writers.

2.On time delivery of assignments

3.24/7 availability.

4.Direct communication with the writers.

5.Follow the standard reference style like MLA, APA, Harvard etc.

6.Handle client’s requirements and modify the content accordingly.

7.Affordable prices for the services so that students can buy without any hassle.

8.They provide money back guarantee on unsatisfactory or unsuccessful submission of the assignment.

9.Maintain transparency with the service they offer.

10.Which passes the plagiarism test.

Monday, 27 February 2017

How to write a narrative essay

We all enjoy reading stories, narrations, and novels.They bring stories to a real life experience.Though essay writing is a category of formal writing, a narrative essay is a type of essay which brings a story or an experience onto the board. These are the narrations which are brought together down the memory lane which can be shared with the readers.

It is basically a description of a personal experience displayed and woven by flowery words. It is an attempt of writing a story in an informal way in the formal type of writing.

Here we present few of tips to easily write a narrative essay. 

A story that must be built with narration:
Narrating a story is an art which becomes easy with practice and a little patience and time for it. An essay must be written in such a manner that readers get glued to its narration and flow with the story plot.

Storytelling and story writing skills:
Children enjoy listening to stories and repeating them. This develops storytelling skill in them. While writing a narrative essay too, these skills of storytelling and story writing skill will help. There should more emotions and substance than description involved while writing them. 

Ability to describe story as it happened
The narrative essay has the ability to narrate an experience as it happens and brings it in front of the reader’s eyes. They create magic by describing it the way it had happened (as if it is a real life experience).

The character must be brought to life describing their minute details:
While narrating an essay, the character of an essay will be brought to life which should be described by bringing minute details into it. Readers find it interesting to read if an essay is interactive and lively.

Usage of the first person:
Narrative essays use more of the first person such as “I”, “me”, and “mine”. Such usage engages the readers thereby increasing the readability.

Conveying life experiences:
As narrative essays include real life experiences, they bring reality into the content being written. It can draw a reader close to an essay with the right use of words.

Use of Flowery words:
In spite of narrative essay being a type of formal writing, use of flowery words is encouraged as it will make the narration look closer to life. This increases the chances of getting better viewership for the essay.

Dialogues are to be used:
Usually, stories include dialogues between each character. The whole purpose of creating dialogues is to interact with readers in a better way.

Displaying emotions:
The reader should gel along the story; hence emotions must be displayed to connect well. Those essays are more interesting to read which readers can reciprocate to.

Limited use of citation:
Citations and references are used for the purpose of authenticity. This makes it a non-plagiarized content. But in narrative essays, there must be limited use of citations and references as it is an informal way of connecting to the audience who are reading it.

Defining the purpose of writing and setting a backdrop for it:
The narrative essay can be of different types, it can be a real life experience, a fiction story, a valuable lesson learned. Each type has its own purpose and the way it should be written. Setting a backdrop for each purpose remains crucial.

These are few of the tips which will help in writing a narrative essay. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Is it safe to buy essays online?

Students of this generation have hectic schedules; Attending lectures, giving presentations, participating in extracurricular activities and submitting assignments. With these many tasks to be performed, they have to plan well in advance.

Due to lack subject knowledge or minimum expertise on the topics, students tend to ask help for completing their assignments. Online writing services have emerged as lifesavers in such situations. 

To be sure whether is it safe to buy assignments from an essay writing service; read along. In this article, we present solid pointers which prove it is very much safe to purchase your assignments.

How much ethical it is and how the service is utilized is best left to the students, we will not dangle upon the issue but will surely place the credibility of the essay writing services provided online.

What are the measures to be taken which allows us to choose the best essay writing service?  
1.Website reviews:
One of the easiest ways to check if the website is legit and safe is to read reviews about them. The review will exactly list the pros and cons of the service, clearly putting the things across for student’s ease.

2.Writing skills:
Writing skills is one of the important features to be checked upon. The website will have enough writing which can be judged. Their sample papers also will let the students decide if they can buy the paper from them.

3.Privacy policy:
Student’s confidentiality is the utmost crucial information that has to be kept concealed. Some students are worried if their details are revealed to the universities, they might be in trouble.
To ensure prevention of such actions, only those essay writing services must be chosen which builds privacy for the students.

4.Direct communication with writers:
Safe are those websites where the students who have ordered will be in constant contact with the writers. This way, the writers can get back to the students with the changed they need.

5.Accurate contact information:
The essay writing service must provide accurate contact information such as a phone number to dial for doubts or a chat support system to chat with the executives.
This brings more transparency in the service they provide giving better results.

6.Unique and non plagiarized content:
Universities have a thorough check on plagiarism. Students, who have copied from somewhere or paraphrased the already written content, will tend to lose the credits.

Essay writing services are professional in terms of providing unique content written from the scratch. There are very few websites out of bundle on the internet which have trustworthy service towards writing assignments. 

7.High quality writers:
Usually to write research paper, subject expertise is required. The topic that is to dealt will hold lot of importance. Hence only professional writers can write well researched write-ups.

Students must opt for the essay writing service which hires academic writers and experienced writer.

8.On time delivery:
 Any service is measured as the best because of its deliverability. Students should choose the services which delivers the content on time. This helps because they will enough time for further corrections.

9.Revision policy:
Students should have an option to revise their work that is ordered. The writers must be ready to change the draft as required by the clients; such services will be worth the money.

10.Hidden charges:
Fraudulent websites charge the students with unnecessary bills in the name of transaction fees, revision fees and delivery fees. To avoid being caught in such trap, only websites which guarantee on one time price must be trusted.  

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Review on the service of Helpwritinganessay

Not all students can write their assignments well. If there are a heap of assignments, concentration cannot be given to all of them. Hence they rely on essay writing services. Out of hundreds and thousands of essay writing services, stands the best.

It has been the best service provider to students who could not submit their assignments on time earlier. The reason why most students choose Helpwritinganessay website are complete more assignments in less available time, lack of good writing skills.

They are in the essay writing industry for a longer time and have been delivering the best quality essays to students. Their unmatched service has gathered more of popularity among the students.

Services of the website:
Helpwritinganessay is a champion in providing the best essays to students. They are experts in writing essays, research papers, journal reflections, term paper, dissertation and many more.

They hire writers who have expertise in specific subject area including science, medicine, law, nursing etc. 

Features of the website:
1.High-quality writers:
There are host to several services that are provided to college and university students such as essays,journals, thesis, lab report etc. All those write-ups are written by top quality writers. These writers have proven experience in academic writing hence will always deliver top notch content. 

2.Original content:
Universities and colleges seek for assignments which are self written .The content must not be subject to plagiarism. Helpwritinganessay knows about this well and writes only unique and original content.

3.Low cost:
They charge less for the high-quality service that is provided. Less cost is an advantage for students to try their service.

4.Proofread content:
 Along with team of excellent writers, they also hire proofreaders for proofreading the written content. This enables in creating a well written essay for students to submit them to universities.

5.References and bibliography:
Well researched essays always have references from reputable sources. This increases the quality and readability of an essay. Including bibliography in the write-up is the sign of a quality essay.

6.Customer support:
To have a service without loopholes, they provide live chat support system and live phone services which let students clear their doubts. These services are real time hence solutions are quicker.

7.Money back guarantee:
Due to their prompt service, they are highly regarded as the best essay writing service. One of the main features of Helpwritinganessay website is that they provide money back option. They are guaranteed only on two cases; if the deadline is missed or when a customer is not satisfied with the content.

 8.Before the deadline:
The content is provided before the deadline. As they value for time and money, their service gets delivered before time.

9.Revision policy:
They have a team of writers who return to students with the revised content if they demand. Revision of the content enhances the quality of an essay.

10.Right to choose researchers:
The best feature of their service is to have an option of choosing the best researchers to write their paper. This way, a quality and original write-up can be obtained.    

The price for the services ranges from 20$ to 500$ based on some of the factors.The factors considered are number of pages, type of paper to be written, the subject and the topic. The most important factor on which the price varies is what date it has to be submitted.

Payment mode:
Payment is accepted via debit cards, credit cards, and wire transfers.

To benefit the students along with the service that is being provided, they offer 20% discount on the first order which is ordered.

To be in contact, Helpwritinganessay has the option of live chat support and live phone services. This lets the students clear their doubts they have about the order.

With plethora of essay writing services available online, Helpwritinganessay clearly takes the call. With many advantages mentioned here, we strongly recommend the students to try their service once.

Testimonials and ratings:
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