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Sunday, 16 April 2017

How to begin an essay

How to write the best opening lines for an essay?

An essay becomes interesting to read if the start is a killer one. There is not a fixed way of writing opening lines for an essay.

Introduction section is written in order to give an essay its beginning. The readers must catch hold of what the topic is about. Hence it is very important to begin an essay in an extraordinary manner.
How to write the best opening line for an essay? How to attract readers towards your essay by writing impressive lines? Here is an article dedicated to write the best introduction section.

What are the things to include in the introduction part?

1.Hook statement:  An introduction should always consists of hook statements. Hook statements will allow engaging the readers in grasping what the content is about. They need not be long enough, just a sentence or two which but having huge impact must be included.

2.Outlining introduction section: The professional way of writing an essay is to create an outline at first. Later on, based on the outline created, the essay must be written.
An introduction section must be first planned before it is written. Once an outline is created, the information to be presented must be written in the introduction section.

3.Thesis statement: Thesis statement in an essential part of an essay. Writing it will add depth to the essay.
It is recommended to include thesis statement in the introductory part so that it gives the basic idea of what the essay is about. This continues as arguments in the further sections of an essay.

4.Fit to the theme:  An introduction section must be written according to the theme set. If the essay is of formal type, the tone of an essay must be neutral with utilization of formal language. If it is of an informal type, descriptive content must be added.

5.Define the purpose:  The main purpose of writing an essay must be depicted very appropriately in the introduction section. If the purpose is approached appropriately, it becomes easy to catch reader’s attention.

What is the purpose of beginning an essay?

1.To engage the reader:
2.To give a brief about the topic
3.Introduction is a formal section
4.It gives a roadmap for the essay

8 Splendid ways to begin an essay

1.State the purpose in a purposeful way: The first step to write an introduction section is to state the purpose in a purposeful way. Once the purpose is known, it becomes easy to write the essay properly.

2.Plan to write: Once the purpose of writing an essay is fulfilled and known, the next step is to plan to write the purpose in an appropriate manner.
It is very important to remember that an introduction section cannot be lengthy and must fulfil the purpose within the specified limit.

3.Do an appropriate research: An appropriate research must be made in order to write the introduction section. Questions like what is the meaning of writing the essay, what is the purpose, how is happens must be answered.

4.Focus on the main idea: The crucial step of writing an introduction section is to focus on the topic of the essay. This lets to combine the idea and formulate it accordingly.

5.Surprise the reader: After knowing the essential points that are to be included in the introduction section, the readers must be given a surprise. This can be made by expressing the information in a formal or informal based on the type of essay written.

6.Include a thought provoking statement: To make an introduction section interesting, it must include a thought provoking statement. This will induce reader’s interest towards the essay thereby settling to the purpose of writing an essay.

7.Do not delve deep into the topic:  It is very important to remember that introduction section must be written with the purpose of just introducing the topic. Care must be taken not to delve deep into the topic.
The topic must act like a roadmap for the essay which will have all the necessary information that is to be read.

8.Address to the targeted audience: The next step is to know the targeted audience and their taste. Addressing to the targeted audience is more important which must be handled carefully. 

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