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Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to pass the English exam

How to pass English exam effectively?

How to pass English exam is the most common question that we have heard and asked . It is not an easy task to learn and write an English exam. It becomes tough when a non-native speaker has to write English exam. Effective guide is required in order to master the language.
As they say, practise makes man perfect; it is not that difficult to pass an English exam if the following tips are followed properly. Constant practise and determination to learn English is always the way to go. Follow this article to know how to pass an English exam very easily.

10 Must read tips to pass the English with high scores

1.Read: The basic step to pass English exam is to read.Questions in English exam can be asked based on various degrees. It can be comprehension, grammar, poems, and vocabulary.
Keeping in mind all these various forms, a study pattern must be prepared. The best tip to prepare a study pattern is to point out the weakest part or the difficult aspect out of the examination pattern. Rank them in descending order. Study according to the order; starting from the weakest to the strongest part of your language.

2.Practise writing what you have read: The next step in preparing for the English exam is to put your reading skills onto test.  Making notes, jotting down important points while reading or practising is the key point.
When points are written, it helps in memorizing whatever has been learned thus makes it more enjoyable while learning it.

3.Refer to notes available online: There are several resources available which will help in improving the language. One of them is to find notes online; these notes will help in revising what already has been learned.

4.Group study for practise: Knowledge increases when it is shared. Circle up your friends and discuss with each the things that you have learned. Having a group discussion on the test questions and the syllabus will help in eradicating the doubts and also allows to have an insight on the topic in a different dimension.

5.Put questions and answer them: Self practise is also one of the best way to study for an exam. Asking yourself the questions and answering them promptly will help in clearing doubts and learning in a better way.

6.List down the important things: Once the syllabus is read, the next step is to revise. Revising is very different from studying.
To revise or have a glance on the topic studies, the important points must be noted down. These noted points must be given more priority while revising.

7.Learn new meanings and its synonyms:  To improve scores in English exam, the important aspect is to be familiar with new words and their synonyms. Knowing more words and their meaning will help in improving vocabulary at the same can be used while writing an exam too.
Leaning new words is an ongoing process which not be stopped once an exam is over. To improve language, they have to be learned continuously.

8.Concentrate on the grammar part: Improving grammar skills is as important as learning syllabus. It is substantial to learn the basics of grammar so that it improves the scores automatically.

9.Find the etymology of a word:  To learn new words, its root must be found out. Etymology means origin. Words can be learned when its origin is known properly.

10.Abide by the rules to be followed:  While writing an exam, it is very important to check out all the rules before it is written. In haste, many students often confuse the question and write different answer to it. To avoid this, extra time must be given to read the questions carefully.

These are few of the tips that can be helpful to pass an English with flying colours.

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