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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How to write an essay that will score high marks?

How to write an essay which will help me score high?

There must be a study pattern which must be followed to study a subject. Like how every subject and a topic has its own way of studying, even essay writing requires a strategy rather than plain “studying” to score well.
To build an essay, it is not difficult unless you sum up the preparedness for writing it. How to score high marks by writing the best essay? How to prepare well for an essay? Here are few of the strategies that must be followed to write.

Elements to be added in an essay

1.Hook statement: To hook the reader’s attention, you must certainly add the hook statements. What are hook statements? They are in simple terms the sentences added in the introductory paragraphs to catch reader’s eyes and make them read what you have written.

2.Thesis statement: Similar to hook statement, a thesis statement is a statement which builds a link to other sections. This acts as an anchor to the ship. Thesis statements must be added in the introductory statement which further will link to other sections thus binding them together.

3.Sections of an essay: An essay in general will have three sections. They are introduction section, body section, and conclusion section. These sections must be present so that an essay can get completed in its own term.

5.Arguments: Arguments are the elements that are important while an essay is being created. These are the continuation of the thesis statement. Arguments are the pieces of evidence which are backed by supportive statements and subordinating statements which are to be included in the body section.
The purpose of adding arguments are to provide strong facts and statistics and presenting them in a holistic manner.

10 easy ways to score high while writing an essay

1.Understand the topic: The first and foremost thing to be considered is to understand what question has been given. Misinterpreting the topic and writing about it will only mislead the essay or deviate it.
A professional tip to consider is to read the question thoroughly, take few minutes to recollect on the topic that is given to start writing about it.

2.Have strong keywords: Keywords are those strong points in an essay that must be included to make it a glorious one. These can be underlined or highlighted (some do not prefer to do this). This way the main keywords will help in building a great essay.

3.Be clear- To make an essay longer, a bad strategy is used;beating around the bush. If any information is to be shared, it must be clear and specific. People like reading the essays which are to the point.

4.Add quotes: To enrich the quality of an essay, it is suggested to add quotes from famous text. This will give an impression that you have read about the topic.

5.Collect all the related material for writing an essay: It is instructed to collect all the required materials for writing an essay such as good information from reputed sources, supportive evidences for proving about a given topic etc.

6.Structure the essay: An essay must be first structured in a proper format before it is written. A structure will give a definite value to the essay and a sense of organization that is much needed for it.

7.Do not over emphasize on vocabulary: Vocabulary is an important aspect of writing. It is always suggested to expand your knowledge on vocabulary. Care must be taken not to over emphasize on it as the goal is to inform the reader with the information that you have; use of difficult terms and words only lead to complexity.

8.Present your essay in the best way: Focus on the best; best will happen. Never let the confidence in you go down due to examination stress. To do this, the essay must be presented in the best possible way.

9.Focus on each element: Each element i.e. introduction section, body section, and conclusion section must be focused upon. Hence there must be special time allotted to each section thereby increasing its quality.

10.Consider using examples and anecdotes:  Some of the topics requires an insight or a live example. Adding these anecdotes or real life examples can help in giving an essay a broader outlook.

Pre preparation tips for writing an essay in the exam

1.Read extensively to write well.

2.Prepare a plan on how to write.

3.Keep with the time. Each section must be given equal importance.

4.Keep an eye on the length. There are word limit for an essay, it must not cross the word count.

5.Never be stressed by burdening on how to write and what to write. 

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