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Monday, 10 April 2017

How to write an essay about yourself

What to include in an essay about yourself?

Writing about yourself; it is an opportunity that must not be missed. Though it seems simple to write an essay about yourself, it is not so. There are several of writing a personal essay. Here in this article, we discuss simple and tested techniques to write an essay about yourself.

Where is it used?
A personal essay is typically used in the following circumstances:
1.While writing an essay writing competition about yourself
2.While writing a statement of purpose
3.Whilejournaling your thoughts

Benefits of writing an essay about yourself
There are several benefits of writing an essay about yourself. They are:
1.You get to know about yourself
2.It helps in getting into your dream college
3.Increases thinking capacity

10 tips to consider while writing about yourself:

1.Know about yourself:  The main component of writing an essay about yourself is to know about yourself. Involve yourself in self discussion or write down unique points about yourself. These things will help in writing a better essay.
Journaling such points frequently will help in improving yourself.

2.Assemble necessary information about yourself:  As said above, necessary information about yourself must be collected. Some of the examples could be listing your talent, interest, strength, weakness etc.  

3.Add details to the essay topic: Based on the topic, details to it must be added. Any personal experience, an incident, a life changing situation are the examples of topics to be written about yourself.
Writing about these details about yourself will help in knowing you in a better way.

4.Be humble and to the point while writing about yourself: This is an important tip that must be considered. There must be a strike of balance between enumerating achievements and not bragging about them.
Being to the point and honest is the safest way of writing a personal essay.

5.Stay focused on the topic which is being written: Quite often, a common mistake that occurs is deviating from the topic; regardless of the type of essay.
This should not happen, as focusing on the topic will help in attracting more readers to read your essay.

6.Include sections for your essay: An essay must be divided into three sections; namely, an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.
An essay is divided into parts because it helps in writing an essay in an effective manner. Each section must be the utmost importance.

7.Give importance to the title: A title can soar an essay higher. Attractive titles tend to grab more reader’s eyes. Here is a link which will help in building a title for your personal essay.

8.Add hook statements to attract readers:  To make an essay more interesting, expert writers believe in adding hook statements into their essay.
Hook statements are nothing but sentences which has the capacity to attract the readers and hook them to continue reading.

9.Focus on the theme: A theme which is set to write an essay must be focused upon. A theme or a background is very necessary to write a personal essay.
Care must be taken not to deviate from the theme that is chosen.

10.Revise and proofread the essay:  After the completion of the essay, it must be revised and proofread properly. This is done for the purpose of rectifying the mistakes that have occurred while drafting an essay. 

These are few of the tips that can be used while writing an essay about yourself

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