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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tips to write best essays

How to write the best essay?

Ever wondered how few of the people write the best essay and gain the best marks in the term end? How do they write so well? Writing requires both art and few techniques to write well.

To write well, here are few of the best tips assembled to help you in writing the best essay. Though these are the sure shots tips that gain you ultimate quality essay but what remains important is to practice, practice and practice. 

10 Amazing tips to write the best essay:

1.Choosing the right topic to write: To begin with, a topic which is chosen to write must be given the top priority. Based on the chosen topic, an essay’s quality can be quantified. To write the best essay, there are several resources available which can be used to find the appropriate one.

2.Plan well in advance on what to write:  To write well, there must be a plan which can help in building a good essay. This simply means to create an outline for your essay. Here is a link which will help in knowing the basics of outlining an essay.

3.Write for the audience keeping them in mind: The primary intention of writing an essay is to inform the targeted audience. One of the best tips that can be given is to write according to what audience need. Knowing the vibes and going accordingly is the best writer’s sign.

4.Concentrate on grammar and punctuation style: There are several instances where an essay has great quality in terms of content but fails due to grammatical errors. Such errors must be avoided in order to bring to bring clarity to the content being written.
There are various resources which help in improving grammar skills and punctuation styles.

5.Transitions in the essay will help increase readability: This is an easy tip that should
be followed to get the best results. Transitions between each paragraph and sections will help in binding an essay together.
These transitional sentences must be short with respect to sentences but should get conveyed properly.

6.Be clear in what is being written: An essay gets its true meaning only when the writer’s opinions are expressed in a consistent manner.
Point to be noted while writing an essay is to adhere to the opinion that has been voiced. Being clear in writing is very much necessary.

7.Concentrate on the thesis statement:  Writing thesis statement is very much important as it combines an essay as a whole. It must be written in the introductory part connecting it to other sections.   

8.Specified length: To write an essay not only quality but length must also be given the same priority. Based on the requirement and the type of essay, the word count should be adhered to.

9.Proofread the content thoroughly: Once an essay is edited and ready for submission, the most important stage of essay writing that is proof reading must be done.
Proofreading is necessary as it helps in eliminating any errors that were unnoticed while writing them. This is the last check which can enhance the quality.

10.Give importance to all the elements of an essay: Each section in an essay is important. The same way, there are certain elements which are necessary while writing an essay as well; these too must be taken care of.

What are the elements of an essay?

1.Title:  The best essay is the one which attracts the readers from its point of start. The start of an essay is always its title. A catchy title will help in attracting readers. Such titles must be used which will induce interest to read further.

2.Introduction section: An essay must be divided into three sections. The first one being an introduction section; in this section, a topic’s brief introduction must be given. It must not contain explanation of the topic but subtle hint about what it is.

3.Hooking the readers: The most interesting part of an essay is to hook readers to the essay. To hook the readers, the primary thing to be done is to add sentences or hook statements which will help in continuing the same interest throughout the essay.

4.Thesis statement:  Thesis statement[s] give a background to an essay. These must be included in the essay to enhance its quality.

5.Transitions in an essay: As mentioned before, each section is important in an essay. Each section should go hand in hand. Hence to connect them together, there must be the use of transitional statements.
These transitional statements will help in the smooth flow of an essay.

6.Body section: The second section of an essay is the body section. Main content to be delivered must be written in this section.
Body section must consist of three or more paragraphs, with each paragraph having its supportive arguments. Primary information to be given must be well presented.

7.Arguments:  Another important element of an essay are arguments. Arguments are the sentences which must be provided in the body section.
They are nothing but evidence which proves the credibility of the content written. These supportive sentences must have subordinate points to add worth to it.

8.Conclusion: Third part of an essay is the conclusion section. It is the crucial element which must end an essay appropriately.
When an essay starts, it must have an end too. Writing a conclusion section is very critical as it must synthesize the whole points mentioned in the essay as well as conclude it without being repetitive.  

9.References and citations: Academic essays when written must be properly cited else it leads to plagiarism.
Referring to reputable resources becomes very important thus making an essay of better quality.

10.Strong use of words: Vocabulary must be given full attention as strong words weigh greater importance. Simple yet strong use of vocabulary is encouraged.

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