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Friday, 20 January 2017

Writing skills.Why is it so important?

Why are writing skills so important? 

With the technology advancing, people have found the freedom to express their opinions on the internet, in print media.It is now an opportunity taken and a platform given to voice their outlook on the world and its belongings.All things said the pivotal point is to use exceptional writing skills irrespective of the language.

Why is it so important to have good writing skills? Why is the written communication adored in the era of digital media? Let’s find out!Scroll down this article as we discuss some worthy things about writing and as to how those skills give an edge to a fantastic career!

12 important skills of writing that you should adopt today!

Basically, communication is important for a human being.They are the representation of a man’s mind. Verbal or Written; both take in the same position for the life cycle.Though we will not discuss the verbal communication, it is also one of the dynamic ways to express thoughts.

Written communication is more of a poised communication as it deals with words and grammar to help us explain what we need to say. So having an impeccable grammar and the apt skills to write is this hour’s need.

1.Power to change the world or doom it: With words, people have ruled our hearts; with sentences, man has gained popularity and with the same words and sentences, they have also brought clashes and disparity. We need to wisely choose the writing skills, make things better or worsen them.

2.Powerful medium to reach people: The most popular star to the most common citizen, all have used the writing skills to express what they feel. It has now become the most liked platform to share their views, opinions, and disgrace.

3.Better writing skills prove that the person is credible:  One of the important aspects of writing skills is that it proves the credibility of a person, probably with the writing style that has been adopted or their choice or words; it could be anything. Better writing skills can increase the credibility.  

4.Corporate world communicates through words: Business meetings, reports, emails, all are part of the business world, and their employers are considered to maintain the etiquette to properly communicate. Writing skills are the most required and essential quality to communicate.  

5.Spellings and punctuation marks:  To communicate well, spellings, punctuation marks and grammar are needed so that the information is read well. Thus writing skills again play a great role.

6.Getting a job: For getting a job, just having good verbal skills is not enough.Written skills are as salient as the verbal. It would be shameful if the messages that you share with your colleague seem to be with spelling errors, punctuation marks in unnecessary places and wrong grammar.

7.Depicts the personality of an individual:  The behavior of a person can be depicted with the way they speak and the way they write. Hence adapting to better writing skills makes it better to express oneself.

8.Creates ambiguity if writing skills are not:   In certain circumstances, the writing may involve complexity or can create confusion due to bad grammar. To not give a chance such situations, gear up your writing skills today!

For example:
Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog     
Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking for her family and her dog
Makes a whole lot of difference

And an example of dreadful meaning which occurs when you miss adding a comma:
 Let’s eat grandpa
 Let’s eat, grandpa

9.Writing skills are the foundation for careers:  They play up an important role in building a career in writing (writing can be in any form like in journalism, in copywriting, in PR, and for novels) and in business.

10.Proper writing skill showcases confidence: The kind of words that are used while writing determines the confidence in an individual, the better the writing skills are, the more the individual will grow.

11.Resumes and CV’s requires crisp and to the point writing: Having said this, creating a resume is a critical part of building a career. And while creating a resume point to be noted is to write it with sharp, strong words which describe you and your characteristics. Improving the writing skills helps in building a strong career.

12.Good writing skills create a good impression:  Improving writing skills brings in many benefits. They create good impressions about the individual. We grow better improving necessary skills henceforth making things better around us. 

These are few of the skills that are important to note and include them to improve your writing.

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