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Monday, 27 February 2017

How to write a narrative essay

Effective ways to write a narrative essay

We all enjoy reading stories, narrations, and novels.They bring stories to a real life experience.Though essay writing is a category of formal writing, a narrative essay is a type of essay which brings a story or an experience onto the board. These are the narrations which are brought together down the memory lane which can be shared with the readers.

It is basically a description of a personal experience displayed and woven by flowery words. It is an attempt of writing a story in an informal way in the formal type of writing.

11 tips to write a narrative essay

1.A story that must be built with narration:
Narrating a story is an art which becomes easy with practice and a little patience and time for it. An essay must be written in such a manner that readers get glued to its narration and will flow with the story plot.

2.Storytelling and story writing skills:
Children enjoy listening to stories and repeating them. This develops storytelling skill in them. While writing a narrative essay too, these skills of storytelling and story writing skill will help. There should more emotions and substance than description involved while writing them. 

3.Ability to describe story as it happened
The narrative essay has the ability to narrate an experience as it happens and brings it in front of the reader’s eyes. They create magic by describing it the way it had happened (as if it is a real life experience).

4.The character must be brought to life describing their minute details:
While narrating an essay, the character of an essay will be brought to life which should be described by bringing minute details into it. Readers find it interesting to read if an essay is interactive and lively.

5.Usage of the first person:
Narrative essays use more of the first person such as “I”, “me”, and “mine”. Such usage engages the readers thereby increasing the readability.

6.Conveying life experiences:
As narrative essays include real life experiences, they bring reality into the content being written. It can draw a reader close to an essay with the right use of words.

7.Use of Flowery words:
In spite of narrative essay being a type of formal writing, use of flowery words is encouraged as it will make the narration look closer to life. This increases the chances of getting better viewership for the essay.

8.Dialogues are to be used:
Usually, stories include dialogues between each character. The whole purpose of creating dialogues is to interact with readers in a better way.

9.Displaying emotions:
The reader should gel along the story; hence emotions must be displayed to connect well. Those essays are more interesting to read which readers can reciprocate to.

10.Limited use of citation:
Citations and references are used for the purpose of authenticity. This makes it a non-plagiarized content. But in narrative essays, there must be limited use of citations and references as it is an informal way of connecting to the audience who are reading it.

11.Defining the purpose of writing and setting a backdrop for it:
The narrative essay can be of different types, it can be a real life experience, a fiction story, a valuable lesson learned. Each type has its own purpose and the way it should be written. Setting a backdrop for each purpose remains crucial.

These are few of the tips which will help in writing a narrative essay.

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