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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Tips for improving vocabulary to write an essay

How to build vocabulary for writing an essay? 

To write, you need words, anything from essays, story, novel and even writing homework. When words are such an integral part of an essay, it is important to build them to create a perfect writing.

Vocabulary of any language is like an ocean. The deep you go, the deeper it gets, and it takes a lifetime to master thrart of any form. Building vocabulary is an art which should be practised in a right way. What are the ways to master words? How to learn new words? To know these answers, read along.

10 Handy tips to improve vocabulary 

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly vocabulary cannot be learned in a day or two. It needs practice to learn. But we can definitely suggest few of handy tips that will help in improving vocabulary. 

1.Read to know more: New words can be learned only when they are read. Reading more will let you to understand how those words are utilized. Words should get your attention and quickly grasping that word will help in learning new words. 

2.Learn the roots of the word- etymology: This needs more time and attention towards it. Most of the words in the English language are rooted from either Latin language or Greek language. Thus concentrating more on etymology will help in learning new words and adapting them in your writing.  

3.Learn a word each day: It is one of the easiest ways to learn and improve vocabulary. Learning a new word each day will increase the word bank.

4.Keep questioning mind to write: Journalistic words such as “how”, “why”, “when”, “where”, “which” has the ability to get good words from your mind. When the mind is questioned constantly, it will enhance the ability to write.

5.Keep a journal to write/record: Journaling or jotting down something will help in expressing words well. Hence recording the experiences and emotions on a daily basis will in learning new words and restoring them through this method. 

6.Converse with people:  To understand what you have learned, converse with people, this way it increases vocabulary which will boost confidence automatically.

7.Write an article each day:  Easiest tip to improve vocabulary is to write an article or a piece of writing each day.
Once an article is written it must be edited after few days. Editing process should include new words that have been learned replacing those words. 
It must be noted to match the new words with the context.

8.Learn grammar: Grammar also plays an important role in improving vocabulary. Grammar has got more skills which can improve writing skills as well the words that are used.

9.Synonym and antonym: For every word that you come across, write down a synonym and antonym, this way you will be quick at learning things.

10.Writing: Try writing phrases, sentences and then combine them to improve vocabulary.

6 great resources to use to improve vocabulary

Here are few of the best resources which will help in improving vocabulary.

1.Dictionary: Learning new words from a dictionary is a traditional approach to building vocabulary. Printed dictionaries, online dictionaries are few of the examples.

2.Thesaurus: Though similar to dictionary, thesaurus has a slight difference. They are the powerful way of improving vocabulary and have a collection of synonyms that can shoot up the process of learning words.

3.Games which help in learning vocabulary: Puzzles, online word games and gaming applications are the new generation’s resources to help in learning vocabulary. These will help in building interest towards vocabulary. 

4.Sign up for newsletters: There are several websites which are dedicated to provide service at a free of cost. The newsletters which teach grammar and new words must be subscribed which can help in improving vocabulary.

5.Learning idioms:  Vocabulary can be improved if idioms are learned. Idioms are a group of words which mean to say about a situation.For example: Action speaks louder than words.

6.Reading books, novels: It goes without saying that vocabulary can be learned only through reading more.The best resources to learn new words are numerous. Some of them which can be listed are novels, stories, newspaper, magazine etc.

These are few of the tips that are assembled here for improving vocabulary.

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